The Problem Of A Research Problem

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Introduction Research is usually generated by a question since people are surrounded by unproven beliefs, unresolved problems as well as unanswered questions. Research thus seeks to answer the when, how, and why questions about events. Such question is referred to as the research problem, and serves to guide the researcher on what to solve and the questions to answer. Further, the nature of the problem a researcher wants to tackle influences the form of the research to arrive at a systematic, controlled, and empirical investigation. Research Problem A research problem is defined as the question a researcher seeks to find answers to or solve and its formulation forms the first step in a research process. The selection of a good research problem requires a considerable amount of time since it is dependent on the researcher’s creativity, expertise, skills, and knowledge with regard to the subject of inquiry. The researcher studies the literature and maps the findings to arrive at the final form of the problem. Therefore, a research problem is formulated as a question to assist the researcher to decide the way of research, which would seek to answer the question. Characteristics of a Research Problem The research problem should identify the need for the research, provide focus, show the possibility of an empirical investigation, as well as provide a brief research overview. This implies that the research problem should interest the researcher which would serve as an important

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