The Problem Of A Single Parent Families Of The White Bone By Barbara Gowdy, Mud

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You have probably heard of Madonna. An extremely famous and successful singer, songwriter, actress, and also, single mother. However, unlike Madonna, many single mothers are struggling to raise their children and also finding time for themselves. This has been a very common and reoccurring problem in Canada. “About 8 in 10 lone-parent families were female lone-parent families in 2011, accounting for 12.8% of all census families, while male lone-parent families represented 3.5% of all census families.” (Statistics Canada, 2011) In The White Bone by Barbara Gowdy, Mud, a pregnant female elephant, is faced with a similar problem. Mud was abandoned by her birth family and she was at the mercy of a passing family that generously took them in, the She-S family. Single motherhood is a raising concern because it is increasing over the years and with this it is becoming harder to be a single parent. The reason is because the difference of their wages which effects their ability to support the family, health issues that may result due to stress, and lastly, the behaviour and relationship between the mother and her child. Money is one of the most obvious issues that single mothers may deal with. As mentioned earlier, the average difference in salary between single mothers and single fathers exceeds almost $60,000 which makes it so that single mothers are more likely to struggle with money problems. This is because they earn less than a male typical because of their gender. The most

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