The Problem Of A Unethical Business Practice

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On my commute home that night, I began to wonder about the implications of the situation. After returning home, I fixed myself dinner and decided that a session of meditation would help me to think clearly and to approach the situation with an objective mindset. After a quick shower and a change into more comfortable attire, I sat out on my back patio and relaxed into a session of the Vipassana meditation that I had learned as a student to manage stressful situations. After an hour of meditation, I felt mentally refreshed, relaxed, and ready to approach the question of ethics that was before me. I began to consider what I knew about the situation and the possible outcomes of letting it go uncommented on. Deceiving the client is not only completely a unethical business practice, but it could create a ripple of negative effects. If the plant ran without noticing the differences between their actual and expected results, they would be unaware that their emissions were higher than they had been told to expect, possibly making their emissions rates unintentionally higher than the legal limit under the EPA. This would create a situation similar to that of the Volkswagen scandal uncovered in 2015, in which an algorithm that caused the vehicle to run differently when being tested allowed 11 million vehicles to emit 40 times the amount of pollutants specified as the maximum allowable level by the EPA [1]. The Volkswagen scandal caused millions of car owners to unknowingly…
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