The Problem Of Abusive Relationships

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As time goes on, I feel that there are growing issues with our society, personal lives, public lives, and what is claimed to be “rational thought”. Many things are being justified and overlooked; we all know they exist, but if they aren’t happening to us, personally, we can’t relate so we don’t try and help. Just one issue is the growing number of people stranded in abusive relationships. Abusive relationships are being downplayed, we cannot sit here and pretend they don’t exist. We must ask ourselves, how can we help, what is the solution, why is the number of abusive relationships increasing? Although this is something society would like to ignore, I would like to shine a little light on the subject; being educated is the first step towards truly understanding and being capable of making a difference in someone’s life. Abusive relationships are not simple, they are complicated; anyone and everyone is capable of getting caught in the web of lies, seduction, manipulation, sexual torture, emotional harm, and the many other forms of abuse. She was a striking, thoughtful, strong woman -- not at all the type one would expect to be a target of domestic violence. Yet she 'd become trapped in an abusive relationship, a prisoner of her own hope, waiting for the day the assaults would end. What did her friends have to say to her? If you do not stay, he cannot hurt you. She seemed so powerful that surely she had the strength to leave. Many times it is believed that if someone truly
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