The Problem Of Academic Procrastination

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The problem of Academic procrastination

Sultan Alqahtani

Academic procrastination has quite often been a significant purpose behind poor academic performance particularly among students who are academically competent which is showed in a study done by Onwuegbuzie and Jiao (2000), where 95% of students take part in academic procrastination in a school level while around 61% hesitate at a graduate level. Notwithstanding students realizing that procrastination in academics leads to poor performance, students infrequently attempt overcome stalling and rather assert that the weight to perform empowers them to finish the assignments. Procrastination comprises of the purposeful postponement of a planned game plan, notwithstanding an attention to negative results (Steel, 2007). In this way academic procrastination is characterized as an 'inclination to put off or postpone assignments identified with one ' concentrates so they are either not completely finished by their due dates or must be raced to be done. In short procrastination is putting off tomorrow what ought to be done today. Procrastination however ought not to be between replaceable with the word delay as it is not the same as deferrals, as postponements have sound explanations for putting-off something as contradicted with procrastination.
There are various reasons in respect to why procrastination is common in students, in spite of knowing the negative impact of doing as such, and they credit this to
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