The Problem Of Acute Respiratory Disease

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Asthma, which is a chronic respiratory disease with no developed cure. It is one of the most problematic disease not just in Philippines but to the world. The number of victims of Asthma have escalate over the years and the fact that there has been no cure up until now makes it very alarming to the researcher, however, there have been remedies developed and ways on how to control asthma but this does not guarantee that the community should be complacent. This is one of the reason that the researcher chooses this trait, especially since numerous numbers from her family history had a serious case of respiratory diseases such as Asthma that even led them to their death. The researcher wanted to understand the cause of Asthma, whether it’s hereditary, and if so, the researcher may be able to have an idea of the probability of the future generations of her family inheriting the trait associated with Asthma. The researcher also wanted to trace the medical history of the family to be informed of their pedigree.

Significance of the Study
The greatest significance of this study to the researcher is the discovery of the possibility that her pedigree being positive to having a trait that is susceptibility to Asthma. Through this study, the researcher is able to study and trace the family’s medical history. The researcher is also able to have an idea of the possibility of her future children and grandchildren inheriting the trait. This study could also be beneficial to future…
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