The Problem Of Addiction And Addiction

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This ted talk was phenomenal it made me really think of how we react to addicts, addiction issues, and related topics. Johann Hari, did a great job of explaining the current methods of handling addiction from many perspectives, such as political and societal. His journey within his own family took him all over the world to find the answers he wanted to know for himself and I think this was an inspiring investigation. I believe it is important to investigate as much as possible when you are looking for a new solution to any issue.

He explained that much of what we think we know about addiction is wrong and gave many examples of why it is incorrect (Hari, 2015). One specific example that he discussed was if the audience all did heroin for 3 weeks what would we as a society predict would happen next (e.g. addiction/chemical hooks leading to dependence/physical need). It is clear the common assumption would be that they would become addicts after those 3 weeks. He then went on to say what if he got hit by a car and was given Diamorphine, which is a stronger form of heroin. He would have to use it over a period of time and would become addicted. Again, we would think that he would become an addict form this strong medication because as a society this is the common belief of how the addiction process works. Another example he used was if your grandmother had a hip replacement and was given medication for it. She would not become an addict, which in my case this did happen and
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