The Problem Of Adolescent Drug Abuse

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Adolescent drug abuse is a prevalent issue in today’s society. Adolescence is arguably the most challenging time of a person’s life. During these years, young people are on a quest to establish their own identities and it is within this period, social factors can either be positive or detrimental. Drug abuse amongst teens has triggered perpetual debates in the UK and globally. According to Liberal Democrat Minister Norman Baker ‘there is no obvious relationship between tough laws and the levels of drug use’ (BBC 2014). The following essay will examine the factors involved in young people’s involvement in drug misuse. The essay will pay particular attention to adolescents aged between 11 and 19 and discuss both micro and macro levels of risk factors. I will give focus to three factors that are arguably of equal importance namely, peer pressure; poverty and family issues. Drugs misuse is when someone becomes dependent on a substance as it releases chemicals throughout the body, some people find this difficult as it controls their body and mind. There are several different drugs on the market and they all have different prices and effects on the mind. The UK have a class system in place where drugs are put into three categories; Class A, Class B and Class C. All drugs in all classes can have a detrimental effect on ones health however, those listed as Class A are the most harmful. Many young people are curious and want to experiment, for some drugs allow the person to
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