The Problem Of An Ideal Program

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A solution is not only needed for the overcrowding in our prison system but the implementation of a program that will deter further crime. Some prisons are looking at their prisoners and evaluating them for an early release which is not always the best solution. The prisons are on a budget and not able to offer the programs that would best benefit the prisoners for release back into the community. This leads to the need for studies to find what program(s) would best suit the prison system and benefit that particular population on the whole. Finding a program for prisoners that will deter future acts of criminal activity could save those prisons money as less people will be returning. An ideal program would be dynamic and be easily facilitated in a group setting. This study will look at one possible aspect that may be included in an ideal program, empathy training. Empathy is seen in two different types, cognitive and emotional. Each gives a different aspect to how the individual processes information. Cognitive empathy would be the decoding and describing emotional states of others, such as facial expression. Emotional empathy would be the responsiveness to another’s emotional state. Cognitive empathy is the processing of others emotional states and emotional empathy is the response to other’s emotional states. Both of these aspects of empathy are important for this study. This study is to find out if empathy training will impact repeated
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