The Problem Of Anxiety Disorders

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Anxiety becomes so frequent and forceful, that it begins to take over people 's lives. However, there are many different forms of anxiety such as panic attacks, phobia and social anxiety. Symptoms of having a panic attack may include sweating, nervousness, heart racing and attacks of fear. A panic attack usually lasts about ten minutes. Within those ten minutes a person can experience difficulty of breathing, chest pain, dizziness, nausea, tingling and numbness in your body. “Studies of patients with panic disorder reveal that 18% of first-degree relatives (i.e. parents, offspring, siblings) have the same disorder” (Malcolm & Thomas, 2006).What causes panic disorder may be passed down from parents, or can be abnormalities in the brain,…show more content…
“Her doctor had prescribed antidepressants that seemed to improve her mood a little and she felt more energetic, but she still felt very debilitated” (Timothy, 2009). Most of all relaxation techniques such as breathing and having positive visualization during a panic attack can help a person. Phobias is a disorder where it’s a continuous fear of an object or situation. People with phobia usually have countless fears that it’s hard for them to keep up with their daily lives. “Avoidance behavior interferes with occupational or usual social activities, or relationships with others, or there is marked distress about the phobia” (Malcolm & Thomas, 2006). Having phobia is feeling stressed out and having fear when being near the object. People who have phobia usually avoid what they are afraid of so they won’t feel afraid and stressed out. Different types of phobia can be afraid of clowns, natural storms, blood injections, afraid of blood, needles, and flying. Furthermore, phobias can be passed down from previous family members. People may also have phobias because they have had something traumatic happen to them. Or they had a panic attack while being in an elevator and seeing others being afraid of what others are afraid of. People who have phobia usually start having the disorder as a child or a teenager. Children usually have phobias with animals and weather storms. Situational
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