The Problem Of Being Born Addicted

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I am sure that nearly every couple, whether they be newlyweds or not, at some point discusses and dreams of having a little bundle of joy to bring into the world and expand their little family. They long for the gift of a baby and the responsibilities of parenthood that accompany it. Most couples or single parents will do anything and everything to protect their child/children and give them the world. However, not everyone does so. A growing problem, not only in my area, but across the United States is infants being born addicted to some type of drug whether it simple be cigarettes, or something harsher such as an addiction to prescription pills. Most expecting mothers are willing to give up foods and activities during the entirety of their pregnancy to help ensure that their baby will be born healthy without issues. Some, however, are not as willing to do so. Addictions are hard to break, and require an ample amount of time to treat so that you are no longer dependent on that substance. Some women do not realize that by not trying to treat their addiction and continuing to use that substance/those substances that they are not only continuing to harm themselves, but they are harming their unborn baby as well. If an expecting mother smokes a joint, so does the fetus. If they take a drink of an alcoholic beverage, so does the unborn baby. Whatever they put into their body, food or not, they put that into the body of the fetus. When a pregnant individual smokes marijuana, the
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