The Problem Of Being Homeless

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There is not one person who is exactly alike. As people grow up and start to learn who they are they start to make their own choices. Sometimes people choose to be homeless, and sometimes they can’t make ends meet to feed their family so they are forced to live on the streets. Not every homeless you meet wants to be there but sometimes that’s the only choice they have left. Trying to find work is not always the possible. Sometimes people have the knowledge to go to school but they aren’t able to because they don’t have the proper funds to do so. Many times even though people want to go to school they can’t because they have to go to work to try to make ends meet for themselves and their families.
Some people are also homeless because they are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. A person who is addicted to something like that often can’t get out of it because they are so addicted to the drug, it is very hard to get clean. Many times they relapse and go back to drugs just as they were almost done with treatment. Often people who are addicted to drugs had a life that didn’t have anything to do with homelessness. At one point in their life they had a home, a family, kids, and a job. However sometimes things can get overwhelming and they decide to try drugs for the first time and that first time is where everything turns to worst. Doing drugs is a very costly thing and can waste all your money doing them. People try drugs for the first because they feel stressed and they think…

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