The Problem Of Blossoms Service Quality

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Analyse the problem of Blossoms service quality And its solutions

1. Introduction
Blossoms Garden Centre is a gardening business which was established in the mid 1960’s in Glasgow and expanded with diversified products and services after 1990 (PMM, 2015). Due to the revival of gardening as a key feature after the Second World War in the UK, a great reputation had obtained by its knowledgeable staff, wide range of the plants and minor competition in the local market at the beginning. Numerous larger chains emerged with diverse facilities and products followed by the market changes in order to gather benefits. For the sake of survival, Sales, Cafeteria, and the Hire Branch were developed by Blossoms for additional services with a series of loans (ibid). However, some problems have arisen as a result of the falling profit from £507,579(2013) to £386,952(2014) in the process of its development. Based on the feedback of the customer and the staff, the main problem for this business is the downgrade quality of customer service. This essay aims to investigate and search for solutions for this problem. It begins by the causes of this problem and then critically examines the solutions which could be divided into two parts: staff motivation and operations management. Finally, some recommendations could be provided for this enterprise.
2. Causes for Blossoms Recession
There are two causes for the downturn of Blossoms service quality: financial pressure and ineffective management.…

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