The Problem Of Business Management

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Business management is a diverse field with lots of different ways on how to manage either someone or something. A manager would have to control the whole of what a person does or an entire company to make sure that everything is going correctly with no defaults. Being a brand manager includes the knowledge on how to satisfy a vast variety of people for the brand they are representing to actually achieve within it. Data is excruciatingly important to any direction when it comes to the responsibility they hold, a minor mistake can make a huge difference. Managing data seems difficult, but managing the privacy within the accounts, “without making the data inaccessible and unusable” (Burns, Businesses Look for Tech Solutions to Big Data Security Issues) has to be taken into precaution when it is being stored within internet access. With new ways to reach information, it has become difficult to understand and limit who sees it and what information they will be seeing without them exposing it to others. A person 's “Social Security numbers or other sensitive information” (Burns) can be found and used to get profit for themselves or for someone else. According to Signe et al. about “80% of information created and used by the enterprise is the unstructured data” that still does not have a specific usage but can be used as optimizing purpose. An analyst will take the position to track patterns and unusual patterns if needed or for contingency with different transaction systems
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