The Problem Of Buying Money

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In the early years of society, the daily newspaper were only available to those of higher hierarchy status rather nowadays Americans can all walk into their yard and find the daily paper wait patiently to me disclose at the table. People during the 1800s, started to invest their money in shares for company in which they knew will prosper and allow them to bring in a lot of money. Even though the outcome of investing money in stock can being pondering for Americans, they still took the risk of see if they will gain or lose in this unpredictable gamble. In the 1893, a major event was trending in the paper which stir up outburst from citizens in New York, who were displease with the stock marking business being view as incompetent to meet it essential goals. In the state of New York, a headline from New York Time article read FORGERY IN STOCKJOBBING which was published on January 18, 1891. The article unravel on how “forgery had been resorted to work the stock market” said the President Clark because of many not receive the payment they were due as a result of buying shares from two convincing crooks. Many New Yorker and New Haven citizens were saddled as being take advantage by supposedly honest men who purpose was to give them a good deal on advancing their income. The company in New York and New Haven which was at end with the Railroad Company who had no comment on the issue but was anguish behind close door. Many compnay refuse to work or establish business with the
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