The Problem Of Cancer Is Not The End Of The World

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Every person on earth will live a long and hopefully satisfying life. Sadly, one day we will have to leave it all behind. We don’t get the choice how we get to go rather that’s in a peaceful manner or in a painful way, in which most deaths occur. More and more people die every day from cancer and it gives an image of one that ruins people’s lives. What we need to understand is that cancer is a tough challenge and it’s going to give a person hell, but there’s a reason you should fight because it’s not the end of the world as some people portray it as.
Death is something you can’t run from. There is no way around it. “You can be a victim of cancer, or a survivor of cancer. It’s a mindset” –Dave Pelzer. I believe in this quote and I’m a firm believer with cancer patients truly have to make a mental decision on what route they’re going to take rather its fight or accept what is happening to you. As we jump into the vocal point of the research behind cancer and what it Intel’s scientist still struggle in some aspects to fully discover why it happens because it can be so rare and random depending on the individual. Cancer affects newborns, boys, girls, women, men and animals. The causes of how a person can develop vary in many ways because it can be a chemical reason, viruses, over exposure to certain products, smoking, tanning and hereditary from your family. A handful amount of people have developed cancer or pro longed contact with one or more of the cancer causing agents I

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