The Problem Of Canning

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Many Pennsylvanians are familiar with Pennsylvania State’s THON, the world’s largest student-run philanthropy and annual 46-hour dance marathon. The fundraiser has raised a total of over 100,000,000 dollars for the Four Diamonds Foundation since its inception in 1973. However, the fundraiser is in danger of experiencing dramatic losses in yearly total dollar amounts in the coming years, due to the phasing out of the popular fundraising technique known as “canning”. Canning can be defined as when student volunteers visit local communities and stand outside of public venues to collect change for THON affiliated organizations. Canning has been canceled indefinitely due to safety concerns, namely transportation issues. Yet, there is simply no…show more content…
There was another student death as a result of a car accident in 2011. It is a common fact that teen drivers have higher accident instance rates than their adult counterparts, due to a plethora of factors. First, teen drivers have not been driving for as long and do not have all of the experience that adult drivers have. Also, the incidence rate of accidents increases with the amount of teen passengers in the car. In a study done by the Center for Research and Policy at Johns Hopkins University researchers found that, “The highest death rate (5.61 per 10 million trips) was observed among drivers aged 16 years carrying 3 or more passengers” (Chen). Because of the multiple deaths and injuries caused by traveling to canning destinations, as well as the fact that Penn State students are a high-risk population for car accidents, it’s unsurprising that safety concerns are shared by Penn State administration members, parents, and students alike.
While the argument against canning is reasonable, there are some pitfalls to the evaluation of its safety, considering that students drive all the time for multiple occasions and could experience accidents during these “alternative” trips as well. For example, another form of fundraising for THON, known as “canvassing”, also requires student drivers to transport volunteers to public sites. Canvassing, is essentially going door-to-door to ask for donations, and since not all groups
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