The Problem Of Car Burglary

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Problem Statement Car burglary has been on the rise at the main campus of the University of South Florida (Meers, 2013). This report represents an analytical perspective, which will present various suggestions on how to reduce car break-ins on the campus. Problem Background This problem of car burglary has been on the rise for the past few months. Other campuses had been suffering from this problem, long before spreading to the main campus. As Meers (2013) observes, it was not until the beginning of the fall semester last year when cases of burglaries started being reported on the main campus. The administration attempt to investigate most of the incidences brought in and stated that the allegations were true. Cars belonging to students,…show more content…
The problem had been commonly reported in the satellite campuses of the University of South Florida. The problem began with break-ins into students ' cars. It later escalated to university 's teaching and non-teaching staff and later to the visitors ' cars parked on the campuses (College Prowler, Firm. 2005). A team of investigators was contracted and after carrying out exhaustive investigations, the team came up with various conclusions and recommendations which were very helpful in toning down the problem. In their investigations, they found that that the vice could be perpetrated by either some students, workers or a few criminals who mascaraed as students or workers in the universities. Since no suspects have been arrested so far, the investigations team suggested a few recommendations which have been helpful in reducing the crime. The team suggested that students and workers should be walking with their identity cards on the campus. The campus administration was also urged to increase the security agents and checkpoints on the campus to identify those individuals on the campus who looked suspicious. This move helped in reducing the problem since the rate at which the crime is being reported in the satellite campuses has considerably reduced. In the recent past, say two years ago, the number of cases reported were as high as 10 cases in a month. A follow-up investigation done on the satellite campuses revealed that the cases
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