The Problem Of Cars Help Fuel

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“If you pick any car to own and drive, what car would it be?” Everyone wants to drive fast, sports, and expensive cars such as: Bugatti, Ferrari, GTR, etc. These cars are great cars, but people want them because it is a want and a luxury, not worrying about anything but their own desires. Cars have quite a few corresponding events just to drive them. These could include things like buying gas or paying for maintenance. This is a huge problem for people of any age. They could be high schoolers using their job to pay for their car, or adults having to commute far to get to their job. Another huge problem that cars help fuel is the bad environmental effects that are created by the emissions than gasoline cars release. There are some solutions to some problems people may be having dealing with their traditional, gasoline cars. The biggest solution to this problem is to would be to change the fuel source of the car. They can be changed to fuel sources such as: Propane, Hydrogen, Electric, Biodiesel, or Ethanol. The only problem faced when changing to these other fuel sources is that they are not high in demand. The demand in alternative fuels needs to increase instead of focusing mainly on gasoline cars to help keep the environment safe. Alternative fuels are not in demand right now, so there are not many stations to fuel up on the alternative gases. The increase in demand of alternative fueled cars will help keep the environment healthier, as well as giving people the perks
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