The Problem Of Cervical Cancer

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Decision situation Cervical cancer is the third leading cancer and fourth cause of cancer-related mortality in women (Jeronimo, Bansil, Lim, Peck, Paul, Amador, & Asthana, 2014). Eighty five percent of cervical cancer incidences occur in developing countries that do not have adequate cervical cancer screening or treatment programs (Jeronimo et al, 2014) Cervical cancer is a preventable disease caused by the oncogenic strains of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection (Boggan, Walmer, Henderson, Chaktoura, Mccarthy, Beauvais, & Smith, 2015). These high risk oncogenic HPV strains cause almost every case of cervical cancer. Clinical Significance Research shows that persistent HPV infection is the main risk factor for developing cancerous cervical lesions (Lorenzi, Fregnani, Possati-Resende, Neto, Villa, & Longatto- Filho, 2013). Routine screening and early detection of HPV infection is important for identifying women at risk for developing cervical cancer (Lorenzi et al, 2013). Therefore, checking for high risk HPV types is recommended as a method for screening for cervical cancer. Majority of cervical cancer mortality and morbidity happens to women who have never been screened before with traditional cervical cancer screening methods, largely due to resource limited settings, lack of access to healthcare services or discouragement to participate in a speculum examination (Haguenoer et al, 2014). Research reveals that HPV DNA testing can reduce the incidence cervical cancer
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