The Problem Of Child Abuse

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These are activities that are targeted at members of the community and general population with the aim to raise awareness about the problems of child abuse. It involves an approach that targets helping families and children before child abuse occurs and not intervening after the harm has been done. This is very essential as every child deserves to grow up and be nurtured in an environment that is safe and stable which helps in the child’s total development such as the physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral components. These strategies can be via a myriad of programs such as educational programs via public awareness programs, public service announcements, parent education groups, child educational programs, family support and strengthening programs. Public awareness and education programs. This is important in child abuse prevention as it helps to educate the general population and raise awareness about child abuse and ways one can prevent or avoid it. Various strategies can be used in public awareness such as public service announcements via television or radio, use of educational play and pamphlets and use of help lines(Davis et al., 2013; Evans, Falconer, Khan, & Ferris, 2012; Horn et al., 2015; Richmond-Crum, Joyner, Fogerty, Ellis, & Saul, 2013). A study that evaluated the use of public service announcement and parents resource materials using a randomized experimental design in Florida showed that there was increase in the knowledge of prevention of

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