The Problem Of Child Abuse

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Abuse is to treat a person or object with cruelty or violence, and usually happens more than once. Child abuse is when a parent or caregiver through action or failing to act, will cause injury or will cause death to a child. This happens in many different ways, neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse and emotional abuse. Every year more than three million reports of child abuse are filed and every year that number increases. This is a problem that has happened for over one hundred years. The baby boomer stage, which are between the ages of fifty-one and seventy years old. In many reports the baby boomers, said they believe their parents neglected them. This is serious problem that many defenseless children face. We need to work together and end such a horrific problem, that started many years ago. A possible solution to solve child abuse is to walk away from the situation. Got for a walk around your house and bring a monitor with you. Often when you feel angry or upset you will do irrational things. The anger does not allow your brain to think clearly. By walking away from the situation that will allow you to calm down. If this happens often, therapy should be the next step. All parents try to be good parents, sometimes they just need help and encouragement. This solution will stop you, before you begin hurting the child. If you suspect abuse a child being abused, there are many ways you can help the child. If the child feels safe talking to you, they will confide in you.

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