The Problem Of Child Abuse

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One of the biggest problems children deal with, especially younger ones is child abuse. “In 2009, the child protective services across the country received 3.3 million reports of child abuse. The farther the child protective services would investigate they discovered more than 700,000 children that had been abused or mistreated.” (Kauchak and Eggen 51) The U.S Congress in the Family Services Act of 1988 came up with a definition of all types of abuse. (Mufson and Kranz 26) There is neglect, emotional, sexua, and physical abuse. “Over than 78% of abuse victims suffer from neglect. About 1/5 were physically abused, and about 10% were victims of sexual abuse.” (Kauchak and Eggen 51) One type of child abuse is neglect. When a child is neglected it can be more difficult to recognize they are being abuse than the other types of child abuse. There are many ways that a parent or guardian can neglect a child. For example, not feeding the child, giving the child shelter, no supervision, and having poor hygiene. If the child frequently has dirty clothes or does not have clothes that are appropriate for the weather, their age, or their sex that is a sign that the child could be neglected. Another sign of child neglect is when the caretaker is lacking by not giving their child proper medical care as needed. Physical abuse to a child is the more visible than the others. Physical abuse is any contact that is a non-accidental injury to child by: smacking, strangling, pushing, kicking,

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