The Problem Of Child Abuse

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The following paper is about Child Abuse. This paper will look into the description of the problem, the policies that has helped solved the problem, involvement in resolving the problem, and person recommendations on changing the approach of the problem.
Description of the Problem/History
Child abuse is a form of any sexual activity that a child doesn’t give consent to. Whether it may be sexually or physically if the child is not mentally ready it is still a form of abuse. Child abuse also can lead to different types of trauma to the child whether it may be long term or short term. There are varies types of child abuse it could be labeled as sexual abuse where the child has been molested in any type of way. It can cause severe disorders to the child as well. There are different types of disorders but the most common ones could cause a mental injury. The history of child abuse arises from the ancient times the female child was known as property to the family. The father often had sexual intercourse with the female child or paid for her to be married at the age of 13. Child abuse alone in the United States has been a problem and has effected over millions of children. Child abuse to some doesn’t really have a set definition. In fact, depending on the article you read researchers may think abuse and neglect are the same. Meanwhile other researchers may think these terms are different. Child abuse doesn’t have one set definition. Abuse doesn’t have to be on the outside. Many
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