The Problem Of Child Obesity

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Did you realize that including children “In 2013, 2.1 billion people worldwide were overweight or obese”? (Kraak, Story 107). From 2013 to today the problem of child obesity is becoming a major concern in the world. Children today face many problems that may cause them to become obese. Child Obesity is becoming a major issue in the 21st century because of circumstances like marketing strategies, fast food restaurants, and parental influence. To begin with, marketing strategies, including the location of the advertisement of unhealthy foods, the advertisement may affect the child’s food decision. For example, schools can allow advertisements from local food companies to promote their food. The author who wrote the article, Childhood Obesity Causes & Consequences, clarifies many high schools and middle schools, nearly half, let non-healthy foods be advertised to faculty and students (“Childhood Obesity Causes & Consequences”). Therefore, schools that allow such advertisements to be placed promote unhealthy foods to children and then children are influenced to eat the product. Another example of location is technology combines many sources of food companies to advertise food to the one place children are most likely going to be. The author points out foods that have low nutrients but high calories, fat, and other unhealthy nutrients are highly marketed towards children in the media (“Childhood Obesity Causes & Consequences”). In other words, children that are on different
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