The Problem Of Child Sexual Abuse

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Topic/Problem Around the world there are sexual abuse victims suffering everyday from fear, pain, and emotions. “20.7% of adults report being sexually abused as a child” (Child Help, 2011). Often between the lines sexual abuse can be classified as a wide range of actions between a child and adult. Among many individuals that have been sexual abused on a legal criteria later report the emotions of feeling scared or hopeless in later relationships. Studies show that these sexual abuse survivors have negative emotional reactions toward the abuse and current sexual reactions (Aaron, 2012). These alarming rates have called for powerful policy and practice methods to acknowledge the urgent need to do more to prevent and respond appropriately…show more content…
Having programs available for the children and families can help built a trusting relationship between the two and allow closure to all. Advertising this program in schools such as middle to high school aged students will allow them to understand the information and pass it on. During this time period we will have professionals available in that specialty to set up time and dates in which meetings can be held to discuss the issues going on. These sort of topics can be hard to discuss for the child and the family so easing into the meetings will require more than one meet time. To reach this audience I want to show the importance and statistics of children suffering from abuse mentally and physically. These emotions aren’t just temporary and can have long term effects on everyone. Role I have chosen to start this organization with reaching out to schools around a community. I started with the parents that have children going to this school sending out a newsletter letting them know there are ways to talk about the issues in sexual abuse they think their child may be facing. Starting with the teachers, I created a list of 7 things each teacher needs to know to prevent child sexual abuse. This prevention program will help teachers better understand what they are looking for in their students and noticing things that may stick out to help them at an early stage. Know the facts.
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