The Problem Of Childhood Obesity

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INTRO: Obese, the word that is now the defining description of a whole generation living in the United States and in other parts of the world. The growing problem of childhood obesity is slowly rising to the surface in various ways. Whether it be by the new network of My Plate or the new program of bringing the farm to the kitchen. Both of which are now being implemented in schools K-12.. Michelle Obama is the one at the head of the impactful programs. She has greatly in forced the nutritional changes to school lunches. Whether the changes are actually an improvement, who is to blame for the obesity increase, or whether it be a matter of sell focus and dollar amount is the key to stopping or making people fully aware of childhood obesity. RATE OF OBESITY INCREASE Obesity now has a different definition rather than the generic definition which is simply being overweight. The new words that have taken over the definition of obesity is a disease. The change in words is due to the increase in health problems that are affecting the obese in the world. The rate of obesity is measured as 30% of adults and 17% of youth in America alone are obese. Within these groups the risk is that they have not changed from 2003 and 2012. Michelle Johnson. This is what made the attention and focus put more on fighting the diminishing nutritional value of the food given to students and youth in America. The only good sign that shows some glimmer of hope, of decreasing the rate is, the

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