The Problem Of Climate Change

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Who is involved with the climate change in California? Humans, corporations, electricity generators, petroleum refineries facilities, oil and gas production, hydrogen plants, and cogeneration. What part of the country is exactly doing the most damage? Long Beach - Los Angeles, CA. How many people are affected, according to official records? People who are residences in California, are the one who are most affected. Mostly the general people, who is in the radius of climate change. For example Sacramento, California is lacking rain which is causing lots of wildfires. Why is this issue so clearly unfair? The reason why climate change is so unfair, is because of the aftermath it causes due to our everyday activities. For example California is…show more content…
It also claims to be only 51% average instead of being 100%. This is also caused from the current storms situation or known as climate change. Another bad situation of recent events in California is when The Rough, a wildfire in Sierra Nevada forest grew about 85,894 acres. This event was bound to happen due to California lack of water supply. Which was most likely due to dry forest due to climate change. What kind of groups in the country is working to help improve this situation? Companies like, Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Idle No More, and Union of concerned scientist are actually working on the situations of climate change. What groups or individuals in Alexandria is working to help improve this situation? Those would be the individuals who are using different kind of ways to support their needs without depending on fossil fuels as an energy source. For example someone deciding to use solar power energy instead of natural gas and electricity that are harming our environments.What kind of individuals or groups in the country say that it’s not a issue or problem? That would be the citizens who are blinded by the truth. The kind of individuals who don 't have the knowledge on how many companies like Exxon, BP, and Chevron and citizen who actually use fossil fuels to spread the harmful CO2 into the air we breathe. What individuals or groups in the country are working to make sure that this
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