The Problem Of Climate Policy Essay

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Dana: Everything is off the record, but if we ever wanted to quote you for any reason, you would receive an email with a request and the actual quote in it. So, it is off the record, even though we are recording.

Alex: Okay, that works.

Joe: So the recorder is now on. Just by way of introduction, can you guys give us a little about your background with Nevada Climate and Energy Policy?

Alex: Before we jump in, can you give us a little bit more context of what the end goal of the project is and what the big pitcher here is?

Dana: Sure, I can do that. Basically the idea is that we publish a number of people looking at climate policy in the United States, particularly mapping out planet ploy network. One of the papers was published in Nature Climate Change on what we call echo chambers and American Climate Policies that Joe worked with me on. What we are planning on doing is updating that work, but also looking at network at the State level around energy politics.

Particularly looking at clean energy networks there. The end goals will hopefully be some papers that we submit for peer review, where all the information provided is off the record. If we wanted to quote you, we would ask you for your permission, but then we are also going to be writing out some white papers that will summarize the finding that will be made publicly available to people. A general overview of what we are finding with regards to these networks. We would be happy to share and we will post it on
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