The Problem Of Community College Students

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I, like many new LaGuardia students, would walk around campus with my head down in disappointment with myself. Every time somebody asked where I went to school I would cringe and respond softly “LaGuardia Community College” and would get a response like “oh that’s good” as if to spare my feelings. Unfortunately, LaGuardia like many other community colleges nationwide have a negative connotation associated with them because they are the institutions that accept those students that did not make it to other private or public universities. Or those students that were hit the hardest with life. It would be wrong to not point out the socioeconomic disparity of those who attend schools like LaGuardia where 61.8% of students who live with their families have a family income of under $25,000 a year. I fall under this demographic and am also an underrepresented minority as a Latino of Colombian background. This is the story of how I let my curiosity lead me to success and how I let go of the misconception that community college students were unable to achieve.

When I enrolled in LaGuardia I was 2 years removed from high school and had no clear academic direction. I signed up for one of the first semester cluster courses that were centered around a topic that I found genuinely interesting called “ Globalization: You and The World.” That was my first great decision because I was met with an abundance of great professors and peers. The cluster course catalyzes peer to peer
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