The Problem Of Complaining At The Past Thirty Days

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Jack McGrath
Mrs. Groninger
AP Language Period 2
9 November, 2015
No Complaints Here For the past thirty days, I have attempted to completely stop complaining. This was very challenging for me, as I am notorious for complaining about school, waking up, and just about anything that could cause the slightest discomfort. Unexpectedly, I did exceptional in this challenge, catching myself before I would start to go on a rant. After the first week, I began to notice that it had become easier to let my annoyances go and get past them without wasting fifteen to twenty minutes in misery, dreading my task. But, there were some times throughout the thirty days where some complaints slipped out of my mouth without me realizing until five minutes later: “What is the point of having homework in gym?” (Day 5), “That was possibly the worst movie I’ve seen in my life” (Day 3). All of the other complaints that weren’t listed occurred in conversations, when asked a question of my preference towards someone or something. Throughout this challenge, I learned that complaining about a certain task only changes the outcome negatively.
But why should I care? Complaining is just how humans vent, why should I stop?
Complaining or griping has become one of the most common elements of conversation; we often make new friends by sharing a common dislike. However, this does not mean that complaints are a good thing. When we complain, our brains release stress hormones that harm neural connections in…
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