The Problem Of Coping Skills

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(Hamar, Coberley, Pope, & Rula, 2013). Some individuals will respond and be able to find ways that are healthy avenues to deal with any life stressor simple by listening to a counselor who is able to talk about coping skills.
All of the individuals who are listed to include nurses, doctors, nutritionist, and counselors are ideal persons to consider when deciding the planning phase of this plan. The legal standpoints are also something that has to be considered. One example is any information that is gathered from the participants must be kept with the utmost confidentiality, and only shared with the individuals who are determined to need to know the information. Another consideration is the financial aspect. A large portion of the rural elderly live on a fixed income and may not be able to participate if the fees charge are very large (Sanghani et al., 2010). All of these things need to be considered and this plan will need to be planned in a way that will best the serve the individuals involved to best serve these individuals.
All of these individuals who are being considered to help with this plan should be good communicators, so as to help determine what avenues that they are willing to offer and when the particular service would be available. All members of this plan will need to be willing to considered communication with the participants as well as the team members in order for this plan to be a success. The members involved will need to be willing to
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