The Problem Of Cover Songs

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There is a belief in today’s society that grew from the past that a cover song is merely a copy or rip off of the original. This dilemma is discussed in an article by a man named Don Cusic, who has taught courses in the music business industry since the year of 1982 and is known as a pioneer in music business education. Cusic’s other accomplishments and credibility come from being an historian on country music, a scholar and writer known worldwide, author of over 209 books and 500 articles, and having appeared on CMT programs, TNN shows, and two BBC series (Belmont University). The reason that cover songs are an important discussion in today’s society is because there is an increase presently in cover song creation and also a steady increase of criticism on cover songs. This is due to the creation of increasingly popular video uploading sites on the internet like “YouTube,” where any person can go in, view a cover song and assert that it 's bad because it isn’t the original song. The article “In Defense of Cover Songs” is a strong argumentative article with weak points due to providing strong historical information on a cover song’s influence on the creation of major known songs and artists and that it conveys a weak unprofessional bias opinion from the author Cusic, who argues that cover songs are a person’s own interpretation of a song and that critics and fans should not belittle a cover song compared to an original song. First, in the article he discusses the loss of…
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