The Problem Of Crime Rate

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Abstract Crime is a big problem in the world. Many believe that nothing can be done to prevent it. The crime rates are increasing rapidly all around the world. Crime is not easy to completely remove from our society. For many years Scientist and psychologists have argued over whether upbringing forms of a child’s behavior or whether they are born with a personality disorder, or could it be the way their brain is set up or their body type? Society may never really know all the causes of this criminal behavior. With all the disagreement going on with the subject on “the causes of criminals”, the controversial question would be "Are criminals born, or made?" There are so many reasons behind the increased crime rate. I believe to figure out why the crime rate is rapidly increasing, it is important to figure out the main cause and treat it. With proper measures like straight laws, sufficient punishments, good moral and education, we may be able to avoid the crimes to a certain extent. In today society, crime rate is increasingly on the rise. The crimes that are being caused are stealing, poverty, desperation, kidnap, rape, robbery, physical fighting, substance abuse, and many other crimes that are not mentioned. For many years it has been said that a person’s parents are the root to make the person they become as an adult. A child’s role model would mainly be their parents, but as a person’s age and grows older. They start to have other influence in their lives. Such as
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