The Problem Of Crime Rates

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Overview of the Problem I currently the Chief of Police in Savannah, Georgia and the problem that our city in currently facing is an increase in the crime rate in the city especially in the area of violent crimes. Violent crime rose 8.8 percent in 2014 over the previous year with robberies and shooting accounting for most of those crimes. The city reported "32 homicides in 2014, which was two more than 2013, and the number of rapes increased from 49 to 64". The City Manager and City Council has informed me that these numbers are unacceptable and in an effort to control, the rising crime rate I propose the following measures (McCammon, 2015).
Constraints and Lack of Resources One of the largest constraints due to lack of resources we face in controlling crime in the Savannah Police Department is the shortage of police officers. On any given week between the five different precincts there can be a shortage of 50 to 60 officers overall. As a result, the officers spend most of their time responding to 911 calls and therefore do not have time to staff their beats or practice crime prevention. This also does not allow them any time to interact with the public, which is an important part of crime prevention, and it can leave a precinct un-patrolled if they receive as few as three overlapping calls that require a back up as six officers can be all that is available during a short staff shift. In addition, it results in neglected citizens complaints as it leaves the officers little

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