The Problem Of Crisis Communication Management

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Crisis Communication Management
The communication given when there is a crisis can make or break an organization and there spokesperson career, and result in a loss of trust for the organization.
I think that information that any type of information that pertains to “allocation of blame; speculation as to the cause of the incident; anything off the record; money estimates of damage; and insurance coverage” (“Crisis Communication Management”, n.d.), should always be controlled, because until they have assets all the information possible, they should do all they can to protect the information given to the community. Another reason to control communication and information is if it will cause a community or nationwide panic, which can be
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The media is always the one who will ask whom, when, where, and why questions. And the crisis team will be the ones that will answer those questions. They will be prepared for the crisis before the crisis happens so that during a crisis/emergency they can swiftly go into action, and will always be able to access the highest levels of the administration.
How control over crisis information gives power to a person
We all know that when a crisis happens that an organization reputation is always online, so maintaining control over information as much as possible until it can be verified is very important. Thereby, internal communication is very critical to maintain and establish trust and it especially important in emergencies/crisis where the stakeholders might be vulnerable to reputation fallout. Because when they lack Intel or just do not understanding what the nature or the extent of the crisis it can create intense fear or illogical behavior towards the organization.
Therefore, “taking strong communication measures to strengthen the stakeholders, worker, or public morale” (Chong, 2006), by using the Situational Crisis Communication Theory (SCCT). Why? Because it will allow us to assess the crisis situation so that we can instructs them what they should do to protect themselves from the
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