The Problem Of Crying Facility Recovery And Brings Relief

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Having the capacity to shed emotional tears is a behavior that is uniquely human. Currently, there is little research on emotional crying and limited understanding of its true function. The current theories on the functions of crying fall into two categories: intra-individual benefits and inter-individual functions of crying.
The researchers in this study claim that the empirical support for the notion that crying facilities recovery and brings relief is mixed and is defined by the nature of the study due to discrepant results. There have been prior retrospective self-report studies where research findings support the claim that crying is followed by emotional relief, and leads to decreases in negative mood and increases in positive mood. Whereas, in laboratory studies, crying is induced by exposing participants to emotional films, which show consistent decreases in mood immediately after watching the films. Therefore, the researchers in this study are left with a general question of, “Does crying bring relief?” However, they found that this was not sufficient and decided to come up with an alternative and more specific question of “For whom, and under which specific conditions, does crying bring relief?” Since the ultimate goal of this experiment is to understand the function of crying as it pertains to relief, the more specific questions looks into if and how crying differs between different groups of people, which will bring researchers one step further into…
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