The Problem Of Democrats And Republicans

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I have chosen the topic concerning the inability of Democrats and Republicans to properly reform the criminal justice system. This is an issue with nearly every topic and this is the main cause of issues in the country. The debates and lack of agreeable actions makes it seem nearly impossible for the country to change in positive ways in timely manners. This issue is the biggest issue in the United States of America, because it interferes with progress and reform. This is an integral part of why the current system remains in a dysfunctional state. This issues is more urgent than the others topics because if this issues is adequately addressed it has the potential to positively impact recidivism, bias and disproportionate incarceration among minorities, relational impacts for prisoners and many other issues. This will only happen if the political parties can come to a moral understanding and reform the system to promote growth and rehabilitation. The inability for the two parts to agree and implement positive reformations is the biggest issue for the criminal justice system because the only way the system will change is if there is agreeance for the need of reform.
The current system is based on mass incarceration which was meant to keep more criminals off the streets and make the people feel safer. This approach has created more instability and discrimination. “Incarceration deepens existing inequalities and even creates new inequalities... especially for African Americans”…
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