The Problem Of Developing Substance Use Disorders

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The Problem in Context Agoraphobia is a difficult mental illness to treat due to the fact that there is a small number of people have been diagnosed with it. According to the Mental Health First Aid USA (2013) roughly 0.9 American adults are diagnosed with agoraphobia and the median age for onset is twenty years old (p. 41). People who have agoraphobia have a higher risk of developing substance use disorders by using drugs or alcohol to help them cope with anxiety. In the twins’ case, they are heavy cigarette smokers and it has to be monitored how many packs of cigarettes they are given. From research, there are no reports of concerns with diversity, oppression, or populations-at-risk of individuals diagnosed with agoraphobia. However,…show more content…
Essentially the twins’ mental illness makes it difficult to get them everything they need. Planning and Intervention When DHR originally got involved with the twins, the caseworker at the time was hoping that a family member would step in to become guardian and take the responsibility for helping them with daily tasks. It was extremely imperative that DHR found someone who would not manipulate or take advantage of the twins. One niece did come forward and showed sincerity in wanting the twins to move in her home. She claimed that when she was younger, they would baby sit her and she wanted to return the favor. After a few months, the twins moved into her home after the casework deemed it was a suitable place for them to live. Things appeared to be going well until the niece lost her job and the twins’ care began to get overwhelming for her. After a year, the niece went to DHR and terminated her guardianship over the twins. DHR was able to find a suitable apartment for the twins that was affordable and they have been leaving there since. At DHR there was a homemaker, who would grocery shop and prescriptions for clients. Sadly after they retired, the state closed the position and now caseworkers either have to find affordable homemakers or do the tasks themselves. Since the twins have little help from family, DHR monitors their checks from the conservator and buys groceries. The current
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