The Problem Of Development Of India

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In the summer of 2012, a hope was in the air. Something that seemed impossible just a decade ago was now within grasp. India had not seen a case of polio since January 2011.As our group of volunteers worked in the immunization camp in the sweltering heat, with only iceboxes to keep the vaccine fresh, the line of children seemed endless. At dusk, we set out on foot, going house to house, counseling and cajoling the holdouts. It was well into the night before we started to drive back on the dusty road. On that day in a monumental exercise, a hundred and seventy million children were immunized in the country. The entire nation erupted in joy, when in early 2014, India was declared polio-free. Even as the magnitude of the achievement slowly dawned on me, I knew I had played my little part in the life of those children. It is this happiness and fulfillment that I come across in the faces of children and their families that motivates me.

Pediatrics my field of choice as the opportunity to take care of children during their formative years of life is a gratifying experience in total. From taking care of newborns immediately after delivery to counselling the teenagers regarding safe health practices, from the ever smiling 4 year old who believes in me to the wary 16 year old whose trust I have to win over, the opportunities and at the same time the challenges of this field are something that excites me and have played part in solidifying my interest in Pediatrics.

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