The Problem Of Digital Piracy

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1.0 Situation Analysis 1.1 Introduction: Digital Piracy refers to the occurrence of unauthorized copying of digital goods, documents, video and audio without the legal approval of the owners (Lixuan Zhang & Wayne & William 2009). Software privacy is reported to cost the film industry an estimated $58 billion per year in the United States alone (Ma et al, 2011.). Sony is a Japanese multinational corporation, with business in a variety of areas including; consumer and professional electronics, gaming, music and motion pictures. Piracy of Sony’s content is a continuing problem, and the management team has made various attempts at prosecuting the individuals who pirate. The management team attempted to deter the individuals pirating, through sending legal letters threatening action, however this only led to a short term impact. In order to work towards a long term solution, the management team would like to understand what factors impact a person’s likelihood to download pirated material. 1.2 Problem Statement: Sony have a problem of digital piracy, which has a multitude of impacts on the company, including huge revenue losses, losses of jobs, and an overall diminishment on the growth of the software industry (Peace, Galletta and Thong, 2014). There are a number of factors which contribute towards the intention to commit digital piracy. These factors include; the age of the individual digitally pirating, the punishment severity imposed, the perceived behavioral control,

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