The Problem Of Drinking Alcohol

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Life is a collage of issues based on the choices one makes. Every decision we make leads to another issue to deal with, and every issue leads to another decision. Many adults choose to have children because it brings them fulfillment in their lives. However, parents aren’t the only people that partake in this fulfillment. Anyone that goes out of their way to take care of someone they love is a part of this issue. A covenant bound by love is thicker than the water of the womb. Once you become your neighbor 's keeper, a friend, you want to keep them at the healthiest state physically, mentally, and socially. In every way possible people try to protect their loved ones from preventable atrocities. From puberty to adolescence this becomes increasingly harder as things like alcohol consumption enters the discussions of the growing minds of our youth. any believe that people at age 18 should be able to drink alcohol because it will prevent them from drinking it excessively. However, at any age under 21, alcohol consumption can poison their physical and psychological growth. Therefore, the drinking age should remain at 21. Many like to make the argument that if you can die for your country 18, you should be able to have a drink at 18. It’s true that this issue is unfair and unjust; however, the problem doesn’t lie in drinking at 18, the problem lies in going to war at 18. It is proven medically that drinking before 21 will have negative short term and long term consequences.…
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