The Problem Of Drug Abuse

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Maryland is known as the U.S heroin capital; “one in ten of Baltimore’s residents are addicted to the drug” (Yang, 2014). Graph one’s statistics represent the number of deaths caused by heroin in Baltimore, Maryland from January through June 2007-2014: (Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene [Graph 1], 2014). As the graph above illustrates, drug abuse is a disease that is often overlooked and if untreated it could turn into a recreational activity for the people using them and eventually increase the number of drug enthusiasts throughout Baltimore. Many teens begin to utilize illegal substances and become attached which causes situations such as dropping out of school, roaming the streets, and hurting the people who care about them. Baltimore can be free from drugs by offering free mentor programs for troubled youths, providing more state government funded outreach programs for drug abusers and their family members, and enforcing random mandatory drug screenings for welfare participants. Helping the youths of today find mentor programs can save a lot of anguish and anxiety that will come in the future if they have no proper role model to look up to. Imagine if a young adult was put in a situation where she had to choose between using and selling illegal substances for a gang or running away and most likely getting shot in the back; what would she choose? Many children have to face that difficult decision and end up falling into the wrong crowd, which causes them

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