The Problem Of Drug Addiction

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Eighth grade is a time of mere adolescence. It has been recorded that “by 8th grade 28% of adolescents have consumed alcohol, 15% have smoked cigarettes, and 16.5% have used marijuana. ” A drug can be defined as a something which “alters your mind or body that is not food ” which is something all of these substances have in common. There has been a massive increase in underage consumption of illegal substances in the last several decades. These substances which young people are using are known for being very addictive. Addiction is much more likely to occur when started at a young age and having more severe consequences. Throughout history, a plethora of cultures have contributed to this problem of addiction which can be seen within their historical roots. The collective perception that drugs could cure almost anything when used for medicinal purposes was a major ignition to the overall issue. As more and more countries began to desire these various drugs as they became more available, the use of drugs spread rapidly through what is known today as the global drug trade. Through expansion of familiar substances known as coffee, and opium during the earlier centuries, the concept of addiction has evolved into what our society has become today. Use of drugs or illegal substances has been a recurring theme over the past centuries. Coffee was one of many early addictions. Originally discovered in Yemen, coffee gradually becomes a favorite among the people. There were several

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