The Problem Of Drug Addiction

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MODEL(S) OF ADDICTION In going through the counseling process with Marge she was explained that there is the possibility that it could be a factor of genetics. When considering her background one has realized that she not only has an alcohol addiction, but it was the same for her father and her uncle, both of whom had lost their lives to the disease. In talking about the disease model with Marge she seemed to be more at ease with the situation and more willing to accept the fact that she does have a problem. Per the disease model, addiction is a brain disease which alters the brain and how it functions (Horvath, Misra, Epner, & Cooper, 2016, para. 2). When applying the disease model to those who have addictions it will help the client realize that they should not feel guilty for having an addiction and there is help for such a problem. There are 12-step programs that are available as well as various other support systems for those with addiction. Some limitations of the disease model are that some individuals may believe that they are not alcoholics and do not in fact need the help. In that case the treatment is not going to be effective if the client is not willing to give it a try. Another problem is that some individuals will use the term ‘disease’ as an excuse to keep on with the addiction.
MODEL(S) OF TREATMENT The model of treatment that would complement the disease model is that of the Minnesota Model. This model consists of ongoing assessments which can included
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