The Problem Of Drug Addiction

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This report will outline the problems of drug addiction that have arisen in the young teens and as well give possible solutions on how to overcome it. Drug addiction, increasing immensely in our society, is currently the biggest problem in young teens these days. Looking at the future of our country drowning in drugs is a big disappointment. To prevent drug addiction parents should guide their children into the right path, schools should promote healthy living, and the government should step forward to set up campaigns to educate parents about this topic. The riddance of drugs is a leading factor to abolish crimes in the community. After reading this report, you will have an understanding of how to reduce drugs from the city and the possible solutions to help over come this issue.


Drug addiction has been increasing immensely among our society today and is spreading rapidly among young teens which is not only harming their health but is also ruining precious time of their life.


• Parents should guide their children into the right path:

A child is greatly impacted by it’s parents during their childhood. Children are like clay and parents can mould them in their initial stage of the life cycle how ever they want. Parents should have enough knowledge about ways children get attracted toward drugs, so that they can prevent addiction for the future. Often children with problematic backgrounds start consuming drugs because of the
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