The Problem Of Drug Addiction

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Drug addiction has long been and still is a typical issue around the world. Jesmyn Ward writes about the effect of drug addiction in her community in DeLisle and the toll it took in her life and Rog’s life. There are different reason why people get addicted and various levels to which people become dependent on drugs, but the main thing I am going to be addressing is the multiple perspective on the causes for addiction. The ones I am going to explore are Low Income neighborhoods, social, financial, Dysfunctional family and personal responsibility/choice. The societal and personal factors are the most common because they have to do with emotional instability. Emotional instability results into Drugs. Many do not know how to deal with the…show more content…
The personal factor is internal. Life is full of highs and lows. When a person is down, it can be tough to lift oneself up. Rog did not know the proper way of dealing with lost and internal issues. People are not taught the right way to cope with the issues they face. This is the reason people turn to drugs and start to abuse them. Rog later on died of heart attack from too much drinking

Low income neighborhoods are believed to being a cause of Drug and substance abuse. First, Most people who live in low income neighborhoods are in poverty. According to the Borgen Project, “A study by the National Bureau for Economic Research studied the relationship between poverty and drug abuse, specifically marijuana and cocaine. The study found that there was a positive relationship between poverty and substance abuse, even when controlling for various familial factors—implying that substance abuse may even be a causal factor of poverty”. Poverty is a factor of drug abuse. It comes from disabilities, non-custodial parents, ex-offenders, lack of skills, school dropouts, lack of education and more. In better neighborhoods, there are more job opportunities, higher test scores, more two parent families, less crime and more. This shows how money impacts different areas. Low incomes have a psychoactive effect (having effects on thoughts, emotions, and behaviors). The psychoactive effects causes abnormal behaviors, emotional instability, and disturbing thoughts/abnormal

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