The Problem Of Drug And / Alcohol Addiction

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In a world where addiction is a somewhat ‘taboo’ topic, it is hard to open up and converse with perspective employers, on what issues you have in your personal world. Thank God for the chance to heal a large part of those issues prior to seeking new employment. (And, I suggest that you do) Recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction is not easy as it is, so it is immensely imperative that you make the necessary considerations before looking to jump head first into the workforce again.
Yes, there are going to be people who just continue working, albeit poorly, while they struggle through the physical and mental discomfort that comes along with stopping active use. Those cases are the exception to the norm, not something that you should expect. In fact, many people find the need to take time away from working to order to get a full grasp on their addiction. (I would highly recommend that decision)
With the time away from work accompanying the painfully nerve-wracking ceasing of use, returning seems to be frightening and overwhelming to several addicts. Therefore, it is important that you make the best possible choices for YOU. Taking care to look introspectively at what will allow you the best chance at a sustainable recovery verses a temporary period of abstaining.
Three Months! Ninety Days! If you can dedicate the first 90 days of your life to solidifying your place within recovery, I can almost guarantee that your life will change. How can this be when you have heard…

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