The Problem Of Drug And Alcohol Addiction

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These signs could contribute to the broad picture. Other signs or symptoms may include slurred speech, coordination problems, impaired cognition function, short and frequent disappearances from the work place, often tardiness or poorly explained absences and wanting to be alone when opening a narcotic cabinet, as well as lack of witnesses to verify unused narcotic wasting protocols (Nurses and drug Addiction). It is a great idea to have a policy set in place to provide employees with support and treatment that may have been identified in this growing problem. Drug and Alcohol addiction is a disease and is covered by the American Disability Act of 1990. (AJN). Assistance programs, education as well as further research in this area are needed. You may be asking yourself like I am what would have a driving effect on a nurse to this point of despair? In 1983, Tappen identified diversion a coping mechanism. When one is engaged in activities that offer pleasure, energy and provide distraction from a problem fall into 3 diversion category. (Tappen 1983, p.37). In 1984 the American Nurses Association (ANA) came forth with the issue as a rising nursing problem. (Dabney, 1995). Today’s research and statistics vary however remain as a top problem for this profession. Serious consequences not only for the profession but has a staggering effect on marriage, family and loved ones. Nurses are held in high regards among our society. It may seem unforeseen that nurses would…

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