The Problem Of Drug Legalization

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As everyone knows, drug can easily make people addicted. Conventional drugs such as opium, heroin, methamphetamine (ice), morphine, marijuana, cocaine can all classify as narcotic drugs and psychotropic drugs. Drug has been a severe problem for decades. The U.S government attaches great importance to this issue. However, there are just an increasing number of people calling for legalizing drugs. Recently, people being calling that they have freedom to do what the want—using drugs, and proposing legalizing using drugs. This essay will propose drug legalization issues by providing valid data and considerate suggestion to explain its own statement and examine some of the means that against this.

Drug leads to
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However, the natural geographical conditions of the United States are easy to enter drugs. The US is adjacent with Latin America, especially Colombia, Peru, Bolivia (the "Silver Triangle") and Mexico are the main producers of cannabis and heroin worldwide, and are also the door to US drug imports, with more than 60 percent of the drugs sold to the United State. Also, the US political, economic, legal, cultural, science and technology, is also the social factors that are expected to result in the proliferation of US drugs, making the United States the world 's most serious drug problem. According to Gallup polls, Americans liked the legalization of cannabis from 18 percent in 1973 to 31 percent in 1999. (Grossman M, Chaloupka F J, Shim K,2002, p.135) What’s more, quit drug is extremely hard, the possibility to eliminate the drug is one of a million. It is a known fact that drug addicts are under active dopamine systems and are hard to experience excitement or happiness in their daily lives, and that only drug addicts can bring them pleasure.

Although the answer is yes to legalize drugs, not all drugs can be legalized; it needs to be safe to use and not addictive for humans. Agreed that the legalization of drugs is actually a way of eliminating drugs. In the first place, drugs should be strictly classified: All drugs should be ranked and grading, dangerous and highly addicted drugs need to be prohibited. The
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